Speaking & Storytelling

As a speaker, Steve LePore has shared compelling, transformative stories with audiences at conferences, retreats, corporate and nonprofit events, and military bases, including the Pentagon. Steve’s unique ability to inspire and motivate through heartfelt and sometimes humorous storytelling has garnered wide praise and repeat invitations.

Available presentations include:

One of My Heroes
In 1975, I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school, and directionless. On a youthful impulse, I decided I would open a National Geographic magazine to a random page and travel to whatever location was featured on that page. Soon after I was in Guatemala, where I met a 10 year-old named Miguel. I found one of my heroes in an unlikely place, and he taught me a lesson that I still draw on to this day.

A heartwarming and funny story about generosity and the power of giving back; inspires resilience by reconnecting audiences with the sources of their inspiration and the power of their own stories.

Mistakes Were Made: 30+ Years of Lessons From the Nonprofit Sector
Mistakes are inevitable in every line of work. The key is to learn to see mistakes not as failures, but as opportunities for growth. In my 30+ years working as an Executive Director in the nonprofit sector, I’ve made countless mistakes, and I’m grateful for most. Today, the three organizations that I had a part in founding have delivered a combined 63 years of service, and are thriving. Some of the credit for their success is owed to the mistakes that were made along the way.

A story about overcoming challenges, identifying teachable moments, and creating sustainability. Ideal for nonprofit audiences as well as funders to frame a conversation about honest communication and what “success” looks like.

Hidden Gems
For those working in fast-paced or emotionally demanding fields, it can be easy to get tunnel-vision: take care of the task at hand and move on. What’s often missing from this approach is the opportunity for discovery—being open to finding diamonds in the rough. It took me years to learn to foster that openness, but once I did, I began to see the world around me—and my work—in a whole different light.

An inspiring story about uncovering “gems” and the benefits of being present and observant in order to avoid burnout, especially for those in helping professions.

Setting Your Sights, And Your Pace
Move too fast and you’re likely to run out of steam. Move too slowly and you risk being caught in a frustrating grind. Finding your pace is not always easy, but it’s essential in order to succeed. In my case, it was an exercise in locating my “north star” and practicing patience. More than three decades later, I can look back and see that setting my pace was what allowed me to not only do what I wanted to do, but stay the course even when it wasn’t easy.

A motivating story of the road less traveled, the joy that comes with the journey, and what it means to make a life in the nonprofit sector.

Presentation length can be tailored to meet the needs of your event.

Executive Director Coaching

Drawing from his 30+ years of experience as an Executive Director, Steve has helped new and existing Executive Directors to identify goals, develop a sustainable model, practice effective leadership and management skills, cultivate relationships with funders and partners, improve communication, and avoid burnout.

Board Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

As a nonprofit founder and Executive Director, Steve has facilitated countless meetings and retreats. As a facilitator, he helps every participant to fully engage in the meeting or retreat, reducing bias or undue influence. As an experienced outsider, he has the capacity to notice and address board issues or dynamics sometimes not obvious to participants.

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