With over 30 years of experience as an Executive Director in the nonprofit sector, Steve has shared compelling, transformative stories with varied audiences, coached nonprofit executives, and facilitated board meetings and retreats across the country and around the world.



Speaking & Storytelling


As a speaker and storyteller, Steve has shared compelling, transformative stories with audiences at conferences, retreats, corporate and nonprofit events, and military bases, including at the Pentagon. His unique ability to inspire and motivate through heartfelt and sometimes humorous storytelling has garnered him wide praise and repeat invitations.

Executive Director Coaching


Drawing from his 30+ years of experience as an Executive Director, Steve has helped new and existing Executive Directors to identify goals, develop a sustainable model, practice effective leadership and management skills, cultivate relationships with funders and partners, improve communication, and avoid burnout.

Board Meeting & Retreat Facilitation


As a nonprofit founder and Executive Director, Steve has facilitated countless meetings and retreats. As a facilitator, he helps every participant to fully engage in the meeting or retreat, reducing bias or undue influence. As an experienced outsider, he has the capacity to notice and address board issues or dynamics sometimes not obvious to participants.


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